5 Reasons Why We’re Not Confident AF Yet And What To Do About Them

1.We don’t trust our intuition. 

Rather than listening to our gut, we let fear stop us. The voice of the little devil on our shoulder is louder than that of the angel. Instead of dialing up the volume of the angel’s voice and listening to it, we’re falling into the traps of what the devil is saying because we don’t know how to dial down the devil’s voice. The devil is our ego keeping us where it wants us to stay: in our comfort zone. Got a new idea? “Well it’s not going to work out anyways,” is what the ego/devil will say. We can tame our ego by getting out of our comfort zone more often. Or by learning how to listen to our body and differentiating between the devil and the angel’s voice. Let’s ask ourselves: Am I afraid because I’m comfortable? If yes, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get uncomfortable because success always waits outside our comfort zone.

2. We’re letting our worries about what others think about us stop us from taking the next step. 

Is my mom going to disinherit me when I say I can’t stand her new boyfriend? Is my best friend gonna hate me when I tell her she looks fat in that dress? Is my partner still going to love me if I share my fetish with him? Again, that’s fear stopping us. Our true friends and family are going to support us no matter what. They may not agree with us, but they won’t stop loving us! And if they did stop, let’s get rid of them and let’s make space for people who love us.

3. We don’t love ourselves enough. 

We don’t think we’re awesome enough so that people listen to what we have to say. We’re standing in the mirror thinking: “My nose is too big. Wouldn’t look good on video. There’s a big fat pimple on my forehead – eww? Who would want to see that? My voice is too high. People don’t wanna listen to me talk for 5 minutes. And I curse. F*ck. Nobody’s gonna wanna hear that.” We’re not embracing our imperfections that are making us unique and which will attract others to us. Let’s in front of a mirror and smile at ourselves. Tell ourselves what we love about ourselves. Write ourselves a damn love letter.

4. We’re still holding on to old patterns, beliefs, or habits 

…such as “I’m not good enough,” “Who am I to talk about this,” “I don’t deserve the success I’d be getting from showing up and sharing my truth.” Let’s write them down. Tell’em #byefelicia. Burn these mofos! Release them. Forgive ourselves for holding on to them. Make space to welcome love, light, and confidence.

5. We’re allowing our past to hold us back. 

Someone has told us what we want to do will fail because they failed. OR we’ve tried what we want to do in the past and failed. Thus, our brain has saved these past “failures” as the truth. But maybe it’s just a lesson we had to learn to improve the next time we try. Because maybe the next time we try will be the time we succeed because we’ve learned this lesson. But if we stop trying, we’ll never figure out if we could have succeeded. #oops. 

Now you may think, this sounds easy, but wait…. I’m still struggling, Jenny!! 

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