you can become

The best 

version of you


to the next level

You are at a place in your life where things just don’t feel right anymore.

You realize you’ve been stagnant. Not growing at the pace you want to grow.

You’re not where you know you could be. 

You are definitely not living up to your highest potential.

You could earn more money. You could serve more people in a better way.

But most importantly: You could live more aligned. Be more fulfilled. Live your truth.

Something has to change.

But something is holding you back.

You’re scared of what’s next.

Afraid of what will happen if things don’t work out.

And this fear is paralyzing you.

You know if you want to uplevel your life and business, you will need to get uncomfortable.

You also don’t know where to start. 

Because you don’t really know how far you could go. 

Are your dreams too big? Are your dreams big enough?

And how will you handle things you’re not prepared for?

In next level YOU, I will guide you, so you can

  • Speak to your soul to find, own, embrace, and live your truth fully and completely
  • Get out of your own way
  • Act from love, not from fear 
  • Live passionately 
  • Learn how to guide yourself

Regular price: $1,499

Early bird (until 9/15/2019): $1,299

Or 3 payments of $555

  • Everything included in Gold Membership
  • Have weekly deep soul conversations 
  • Always receive the right lesson for a particular time  
  • Meet your spirit guides and The Masters & receive wisdom and lessons from them 
  • Get to know yourself and life on a deep, deep level 
  • 12 weeks of 1 on 1 transformational hypnosis sessions in which I will guide you through present and past lives, conversations with your souls, spirit guides, and The Masters
  • Individualized strategy action items & tools (exercises, books, journal prompts videos, etc.) to bring you to the next level 
  • Constant support via messaging 
  • If you purchase this program, you will automatically be in the group program as well.

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Beware: Side effects of both programs include: increased happiness, self-love, self-trust, confidence, and fulfillment, improved intuition, heightened connection to yourself and the Universe, deeper understanding of yourself and life itself. 

client love

amy s.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jenny- she was kind, patient, and totally communicative in explaining what it was that she does and making sure I was comfortable. [...] 

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I'm a little ticked off... For years I had a limiting belief that held me back from stepping into my own voice and breaking out of my shell of shyness to build my business. 

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Jennifer is absolutely fantastic! 

I was struggling for a while with things holding me back from giving myself fully to my business, my visibility on social media, expressing my authentic self and really taking giving my self in to make my business idea a reality.

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Sarah C.

I didn’t have any experiences with hypnosis or past life regressions until Jenny did a session with me. Before the session, I felt a little lost, I had no clue what I should do next in my life and where and how to start. Which step would be the right one for me to take?

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Kat S.

I took this program because I know I need a lot of work on my mindset. I've been working on it for a few years and the last 3 months with Jenny I've made some huge breakthroughs. I was able to identify what I really wanted to do in my life and what makes me happy. ❤ I'm now more open to showing the world who I really am. For that, I'm forever grateful!

zsofi mata

Working with Jenny these past few months has been truly transformational. Each session, Jenny started by asking me how she could help and what challenges I've had lately, and was always quick to suggest ways to improve my situation through various hypnosis work.

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