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Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

Two of the most well-known past life regression authors, Brian Weiss, MD and Michael Newton, Ph.D admitted that they were the biggest skeptics until their patients proved them wrong. They turned from Counseling Psychologist and Psychiatrist into full-on past life regression and reincarnation experts of the Western World.

Past Life Regression — have you ever heard that word? Chances are yes, if you’re in a spiritual community. But in case you haven’t, past life regression hypnosis sessions can take you back to your past lives (whether you believe in them or not) and resolve karmic lessons, relieve you from physical or emotional pain, cure phobias, let you meet members of your soul family, have you become more comfortable with death, more intuitive, as well as more fearless, so you can live limitlessly. But not only that, they can also help you reconnect with your soul, spirit guides, and even The Masters.

How does past life regression therapy work?

Past life regression is a form of hypnosis (= guided meditation with a purpose). Your hypnotist will first guide you to relax your body and mind, so your brain is running on theta brain waves, slower than our day-to-day usual beta brain waves, and a bit faster than delta aka sleep brain waves. During the theta state, you can access your subconscious mind — where all memories and habits are stored, even from before birth.

Then your hypnotist will use guided imagery to help you get to your past lives. During hypnosis, you will be able to speak to your hypnotist and tell him / her about what’s going on. S/he will be able to guide you to what’s happening next or other significant scenes of past lifetimes. S/he can also lead you to the scene of your death, which is important to learn about lessons from past lifetimes as well as to help you connect with your soul, the space that Michael Newton, Ph.D has coined Life Between Lives.

What are the benefits of past life regression therapy?

The benefits of past life regression range widely. In his book Healing Through Time, past life regression hypnotherapist Brian Weiss, MD recalls a number of various cases of individuals who have healed physical as well as emotional issues, karmic lessons, and many other current life problems (i.e relationship problems) all thanks to past life regression.

My own clients have gained a deeper understanding of themselves, as well as of life itself. Thanks to the assistance of their spirit guides and the Masters my clients have channeled, they have received life-changing lessons and guidance that only Source (God, the Universe) can provide. They learned about their soul’s purpose and understood why people (parents and partners, for example) have entered or exited their lives and what they were supposed to teach each other.

All of this results in a stronger intuition and trust in themselves as well as more self-love and confidence.

As a nice side effect for me, I gained more confidence in what I do, what I’ve seen and heard, and why I do what I do. The Masters have told me and a client once that we should spread the word about souls and soul’s purposes.

Is past life regression real?

How can you prove that past life regression is real?

For one, you can ask every past life regression therapist about their experience. All of us share the same stories, even with clients from different countries and different walks of life. Our clients can regress to past lives and are able to connect with their soul. Even skeptics who never believed in past lives, but were curious enough to undergo a past life regression session, were able to see their past lives.

Whenever clients were able to channel spirit guides (advanced souls in non-physical form that protect and guide us) or The Masters (a collective of super-evolved souls) and past life regression therapists have asked questions about souls, their answers would always match up. For more on these similarities, read Brian Weiss’ Many Lives Many Masters or Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls.

When you look closer into Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), you will also find that patients’ accounts resemble each other precisely. They refer to a bright light that “calls them home,” to where there’s only love and peace. Depending on culture, people go through a tunnel or cross a bridge to reach that light where they also reunite with already-deceased people and the rest of their soul family. They come back and aren’t afraid of death anymore because they’ve seen that death leads you to a peaceful place. But they also come back knowing that they have not fulfilled their lesson yet.

Scientists and psychologists are trying to prove NDE’s as well as the existence of souls with recording and documenting data, etc. But as advanced as we humans are, we have to accept that we cannot see everything, hear everything nor comprehend everything that this world has to offer. And we don’t have to. As long as something works for you or others, i.e. past life regressions, why not simply receive the benefits with gratitude rather than questioning if it can be scientifically proven? The need of humans to prove and explain everything is the need of those who are afraid to trust the Unknown or Inexplicable.

Will you encounter the same souls during different lives?

Absolutely. Souls are reincarnated numerous times into various bodies. That’s where the concepts of soulmates and twin flames come from.

You recognize soulmates (your soul family) as people you connect with easily from the very start. It feels as if you’ve known each other forever. Sometimes, you may dream about them and see their past, present, or future. Soulmates will teach you important lessons throughout your lifetime(s), so both of you can advance as souls. At some point you will have advanced enough to not return back to earth in a physical body.

How can I know my past life partner?

If you decide to partake in a past life regression, you can set an intention beforehand of meeting your current life partner in a past life or meeting a past life partner you’re going to meet in your current life.

Are there negative effects of past life regressions?

According to the Association of Regression Research and Therapy, 3 % of subjects felt worse after a regression, 27 % felt no change, and 70 % felt improvements. The risk of feeling worse is thus extremely low, especially if you’re a mentally healthy person.

Statistics on hypnosis in general, however, from the American Health Magazine and the Psychotherapy Magazine demonstrate that hypnosis has a 93 % success rate at only 6 sessions, compared to Behavior Therapy with a 72 % success rate at 22 sessions and Psychoanlaysis with a success rate of 38 % at 600 sessions.

Who is past life regression for?

I can recommend past life regression hypnosis sessions to everyone who longs for a deeper understanding of themselves and life. If you want to explore your past lives or meet a soulmate, relieve karmic debt, and more, past life regression is also for you.

All in all, positive side effects by far surpass negative ones, and the more sessions you do, the calmer, more intuitive, loving, and understanding you will become.