Join us if you're dying to empower your clients to use their spiritual gifts like you use yours. 

Get ready to change your life and your clients' lives with:

  • Teaching them how to use their spiritual gifts
  • Soul-deep transformations for your clients.
  • A way to make more impact and income for you.

Say hello to more feeling more fulfilled and seeing your clients soar!

What is Spiritual Hypnosis?

If you're anything like most people I meet, you probably think that hypnosis is just to make people act like chickens on stage or to help them quit smoking and lose weight.

And yes, that’s part of it. 

But hypnosis and especially Spiritual Hypnosis can serve people SO MUCH DEEPER.

In hypnosis, we help people get into a relaxed state of mind, in which they can bypass the part of their brain that constantly thinks, recalls, analyzes, and judges - the conscious mind. 

A relaxed, hypnotic state takes us into the subconscious, where our patterns, behaviors, and past experiences are stored that hold us back from what we want to achieve.

That’s how hypnosis can get to the actual root cause of a client’s problem way quicker and easier. 

And that's how we can help our client's deal with their past in a way it's not holding them back from the future they want to manifest.

Plus, a client relaxing with you, shows a deep trust in you and themselves, which helps build confidence with every single session.

More confidence goes hand in hand with more self love and actually daring to go for what your soul has been calling you to do.

Spiritual Hypnosis includes the following techniques you may be familiar with:

  • past life regression: helps with erasing phobias, explaining toxic or complex relationships, gaining a better understanding of one's self, and will lead clients to more confidence, more self love, self worth, and self trust
  • soul space work: helps with understanding why we’re on this earth, our mission, why we picked our parents and vice versa, understanding why bad things happened, finding clarity on next steps so we can attract what we truly want and will lead clients to more confidence, loving and understanding themselves better, and manifesting what they want
  • cord cutting: helps with ending toxic relationships or any other bonds, and will lead clients to opening up to new, more healthy and loving relationships
  • channeling = communicating with deceased loved ones, The Ascended Masters, angels, etc.: helps with finding answers and clarity as well as grief and will lead clients to more confidence, and a feeling inner peace and love
  • Intuition: helps with clarity on next steps, confidence, and becoming mentally strong and self sufficient and will lead clients to more confidence
  •  and others. 

These methods have helped my hypnosis clients gain confidence, self-love, self-trust, and feel happier over all. 

They know exactly what to do when they’re not feeling well and don’t have to rely on me on helping them out of it. 

They have started businesses and podcasts, mended broken relationships, spoke to their unborn baby, manifested their dream home, their dream partner, doubled their profits, gained tons of clients and referrals, and so much more.

They're following their soul's calling and are inspiring others to do the same.

Why add Spiritual Hypnosis to your toolkit?

Many of my former and current clients have wanted to learn hypnosis from me, so in 2021, I finally put together a hypnosis training with all my methods. We repeated a successful second round in 2022.


But… my big vision is to have Spiritual Hypnosis guide way more people to feel empowered to make their dreams reality, to go for what they really want, to love themselves even deeper and follow their soul's calling! 


That’s why you can now join the Spiritual Hypnosis Training year round at any time! 

You can learn how to get to the root cause of your clients’ problems way faster, help them get a much deeper understanding of themselves, and really empower them to make their dreams come true. And you get to feel confident and fulfilled while doing so!


We have a supportive community of students and hypnotherapists helping each other and practicing on each other, to become the best at their craft.


The training lasts 3 months if you watch one video per week, and you get to practice at any time with your fellow students. 


Once a month, we hop on a call together where you can ask questions and practice!


At the end of our time together, you will send me a video, which I will evaluate to help you improve your technique.


The main goal of this training is to give you tools to help your current or future clients  past their limits, but most importantly, to strengthen their connection with their subconscious and intuition, to fall deeper in love with themselves, and follow their soul's calling.


That way they are able to do everything that you guide them to by themselves. 

We don’t want them to be dependent on us, we want them to be able to rely on themselves when they’re not feeling well, so they can get through the low phases of life trustingly and confidently.

"This is such a beautiful container of pure love and abundance [...] Your presence and your course is a gift and I'm so grateful for what's unfolding."

Linda, Intuitive Hypnotherapist and Lightworker says: “Doing this lights my soul.” She joined because she wanted to “help women feel safe to become deeply vulnerable with themselves so they can choose to liberate what they have repressed.” Today, she guides people to ”experience spiritual and emotional freedom from their past (and past lives) and reconnect with the love and power of their own divine guidance.” When practicing hypnotherapy, she feels “in loving, intuitive flow.”

Linda Sulvita ‧ Coach and Hypnotheapist at Vessel of Love

This is for you if you are an established or newbie coach, healer or other spiritual guide, but also if you're simply curious about hypnosis without any experience...

An established coach:

You’ve been in the coaching industry for a while now - as a coach or therapist.

You’re looking for a modality that is fun, effective, and exciting for you, and will get your clients quicker transformations, so you can create more impact and increase your income.


You either know all about crystals, the moon, tarot, past lives, etc. already - you've been around the spiritual block - or you're just familiarizing yourself with the above and wanting to learn more.


Then the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can 

  • Help your clients get to a point beyond of what you were able to until now
  • Feel excited before your sessions, confident during, and fulfilled after 
  • hone in on your own intuition, channeling skills, connection to Source and other beings
  • receive sessions and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in the process of this course as others will practice on you
  • sharpen your skills to give your clients deeper, faster, and more effective transformations. This will change your coaching business!
  • hold group hypnosis sessions - hello more impact & income!
  • feel even more fulfilled with what you do
  • inspire others to do the same


A newbie coach:

You know you want to help people, perhaps you’re a newbie coach or you’re just about to start coaching.


However, you’re not confident enough yet to give potential clients the results they’re looking for because you think you don’t have enough experience or developed skills.


You’re looking to practice with people, gain confidence in your abilities, and make an income by doing something that you love.


Then the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can

  • Practice with others and gain confidence in your skills

  • Receive testimonials you can use to promote your business

  • Learn how to get people into hypnosis when they don’t trust it

  • Generate an income while in the course or shortly after 

  • create a life of time and location freedom, work whenever, for however long, and wherever you want (yes, hypnosis can be done online!)

  • receive sessions and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in the process of this course as others will practice on you

  • hone in on your intuition, channeling skills, connection to Source and other beings

  • feel even more fulfilled with what you do

  • inspire others to do the same


A curious person:

You are acquainted with hypnosis, have received sessions and want to use it for yourself or to help your family and friends.

Hypnosis has helped you in your healing, maybe you’ve heard of it from others, and you finally want to try it.

You want to use it to help yourself with audio recordings, strengthen your intuition or connection to Source and other spiritual beings, and / or you want to help your friends and family get through the stuff they’re dealing with.

Then, the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can

  • Learn how and for what hypnosis is used
  • Create your own hypnosis audios for yourself and others
  • Assist your friends and family in their healing journey with 1:1 sessions
  • receive healing in the process of this course as others will practice on you
  • hone in on your intuition, channeling skills, connection to Source and other beings
  • find a sense of love and fulfillment with what you do
  • inspire others to do the same

"I had never done hypnosis before I started the SHT [Spiritual Hypnosis Training] however, I was intrigued as I remember it helped my father quit smoking for several years when I was a kid. I knew he was severely addicted and wondered how hypnosis worked.

There’s a strong desire in me to help people.  On the journey of healing myself I have learned that once our deep wounds are healed our capabilities are infinite.  Part of my life’s purpose is to help others in this discovery.  I believe hypnosis is a very valuable tool for self healing.

SHT was everything I needed to begin learning and experiencing the powerful impact hypnosis can have in our lives.  Jenny gave us so much information and practice and is always very present and helpful now that I am out in the world as a new practitioner.  

I feel confident in doing this work after taking the 12 week course.  Jenny is amazing at supporting you and finding people to practice on.  

If you are at all on the fence but feel called to this don’t hesitate at all.  SHT will give you the tools and confidence you will need to step into this work.  Even if you decide this is not a career path for you, you will learn so much about yourself through the program that will help you no matter what direction you go."

Deanna Clark  Doula & Hypnotheapist 

Here's all the awesomeness you're getting in detail:

  • 12 video trainings (more detailed explanation below) 

  • An extensive workbook including word for word scripts that I use with my clients

  • Monthly live Q&A calls on which you can ask me anything and practice with other students 

  • Access to all past group calls on which you can watch others doing hypnosis (20+ already)

  • Expert guest bonus videos to supplement your hypnosis skills such as shadow work, hypnosis and medicine, forensic hypnosis, hypnobirthing, angel workshop, etc. 

  • New guest experts that complement your hypnosis practice

  • A Facebook community with incredible humans who you’re going to hypnotize and be hypnotized by, so you can learn from each other

  • Videos and podcasts with original hypnosis sessions I've conducted

  • Additional resources in form of book recommendations, apps, articles, and videos on hypnosis and the subconscious mind

  • The intake questions I ask every new client of mine before we start hypnosis sessions together

  • Access to some of my hypnosis recordings usually reserved for my clients

  • After you have completed your training, you can join a group of spiritual hypnosis practitioners and clients who you can practice on.

  • A BONUS video training on how to sell your value, not your time, so you can start a hypnosis business right away - by author, podcaster, TEDex speaker, and Coach Heather Chauvin

"This work has totally changed my coaching practice. I am so grateful for this tool. It's creating huge shifts for my clients."

Morgan, a Soul Coach and Guide, signed up for my Spiritual Hypnosis Training because she wanted to come home to herself and deepen her trust and her intuition. Now she helps others do the same.

Morgan Schneidler-Ruff ‧ Founder of Morgan Ruff Uplift & Retreat Facilitator

Here's every module and what we will cover:

  • Hypnosis (what is it, why is it so effective, what can you solve with it, how does it work, self hypnosis, etc.)
  • Preparing for a session (intentions, protection for yourself, client intake questions, pre-tests, imagery, etc.)
  • Hypnotic language (suggestions, negations, repetitions, counting down, tone of voice, etc.)
  •  Problems that can occur and how to handle them (what I wish someone had told me before I started practicing hypnosis)
  • Induction (bring clients into the present moment, relax body & mind, strengthen confidence in their ability to visualize, receive messages, protection for client, etc.) & end (how to bring clients out of hypnosis and take care of them after)
  • Anchors & enforcing new habits (when are they used, how to set them)
  • Intuition (what is it, how to connect with it, how to differentiate between fear and intuition, heart center)
  • Releasing negative beliefs or energy (timeline technique, how you can release physically, emotionally, energetically, cutting cords, etc.)
  • Magic & the light of love, peace & wisdom (working with someone’s magic or light, when and how to use it, spirit animals)
  • Find the root cause of a problem and resolve it (when this is needed, how this is done, inner child work)
  • Past life regression (Protection, when to do it, how to do it, resources)
  • Channeling (communicate with angels, aliens, ancestors, loved ones in heaven, future / Higher Self)

"As someone who has participated in this training I highly recommend it to anyone who's curious - I love hypnotherapy AND love the work I'm doing now with clients."

Ashlee, Leadership Coach, Engagement and Appreciation Expert, joined the Spiritual Hypnosis Training because she wanted to learn how to help herself and others see what’s possible with breathwork and hypnosis. Now she helps leaders “uncover their blocks to achieve their most desired goals” while feeling “confident and present” when practicing hypnotherapy.

Ashlee Livingstone ‧ Leadership Coach 

A sneak peak of the energy you can expect:

Jonathan Sekerak, a breathwork facilitator joined the Spiritual Hypnosis Training to find out “how to loosen and free [his] coachees from self limiting beliefs.“ Today, he helps his clients move through blockages, and reframe their woundings to inhabit a new, larger story to live into the world.

Jonathan Sekerak ‧ Coach and Breathwork Facilitator

Why you should sign up now:

You desire to empower your clients to be able to use their spiritual gifts like you're using yours and to experience what you're channeling for them themselves: You desire for them to meet their spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, etc. and not only be the medium for them.

You desire to feel so fulfilled from your work that you cry gratitude tears for your soulmate clients, your work, and how truly empowering and inspiring your work gets to be.

You desire to leave your mark in people’s hearts because you want to be remembered as the person who supported them in living their best lives, awaken their soul, and follow their soul's calling.

You’re ready to receive messages from clients about their success moving you to tears joy and leaving you dancing in like a crazy person in your room.

You desire to work with people who want to live their best life and give them the tools to do so.

Feeling fulfilled while helping others feeling the same? You can have it. Sign up now.

Diane is a Conscious Parenting and Relationships Coach who wanted to add a modality to her toolkit to help her clients and herself “release limiting beliefs and blocks, inner child work & healing, gain confidence, understand [her] soul's purpose/desires. [To] to learn how to help [her] clients do the same.” Now she feels “confident and deeply connected" when practicing hypnotherapy.

Diane Sorenson ‧ Conscious Parenting and Relationships Coach

What's the investment?

Pick between PIF (paid in full), payment plans and V.I.P!

Paid in full


You'll receive the course and the following


Make It Rain Money Masterclass

Payment plan 1

3 x $347

3 months 

(this includes: course only)

Payment plan 2

5 x $222

5 months

(this includes: course only)

V.I.P. (paid in full):

includes three 1:1 sessions with me

plus the Make It Rain Money Masterclass


V.I.P. (payment plan)

includes three 1:1 sessions with me

plus the Make It Rain Money Masterclass

3 x $1,111

(3 months)

What previous students have said:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be certified as a hypnotherapist after this course?

No, but within the training, I give you several additional hypnosis training resources, which will help you get certified, starting at around $12. Also, in most countries, you don’t need to be certified to practice hypnosis.

Will I be able to hypnotize people - aka - can everyone train to be a hypnotherapist?

Absolutely :) This training is completely beginner friendly. No matter how experienced you are with hypnosis, you will receive tons of value in this training. You will also practice with your peers as well as friends and family. And you will know how to approach skeptical people as well as find out what to do in case a client does not experience something you tell them to while under hypnosis. Hypnotizing is simply talking people into relaxation.

How will I get enough practice?

You will be able to practice with your fellow students as well as friends and family. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel hypnotizing people. We start with simply bringing people into a relaxed state of mind and then work our way up.

How soon will I be able to offer paid sessions to people?

As soon as you feel ready! The more you practice, the sooner you will feel ready. Our students are charging US$100 or more per session at the very beginning. That means with only 7-11 sessions, you’ll get your investment back.

Do you offer scholarships?

Absolutely. We offer scholarships to people with financial hardship, people in countries where the dollar isn't as strong, as well as to single parents. You will have to send me an email to [email protected], stating and proving financial hardship as well as why you want this scholarship.

Why work with Jenny?

My wish for you is to be the most empowered and confident version of yourself, so you can live a life of freedom and bliss, do what you love and make bank from it.

I help you heal decades of trauma, so you can connect to your intuition like you've never done before and excute your seemingly out-of-reach goals and ideas, as well as skyrocket your psychic gifts, so you can foresee events, channel interdimensional beings, and help your clients with these gifts. 

I'm all about you creating mental wealth - fulfillment, inner peace, joy, happiness, and an unwavering trust that you'll get through all your lows no matter what. 

Certified in NLP, EFT, and hypnosis, I have also studied past life regression as well as the soul space, and I am a breathwork facilitator. 

I have traveled to more than 50 countries and have led international workshops. 

My clients' past successes include channeling their guides, angels, and loved ones with ease, doubling their income within 30 days after one session, releasing 50+ year old emotional trauma after one session, getting off antidepressants after 3 sessions, quitting smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day after one session, and finding their purpose, among others.

Can't wait to meet and create magic with you!

Connect with me on Instagram @jenniferschlueter_

Are you ready to join us? 

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