Become a

Spiritual Hypnotherapist

with Jennifer Schlueter

Are you ready to use your Spiritual Gifts to increase your income and enhance your client experience by 10 X?

The Spiritual Hypnosis Training is my best-selling practitioner program that helps you advance your skillset and learn to take your clients through a deeper process

During this training, we use specific techniques to access a client's subconscious beliefs and bring to light anything that may be hindering them.

If you're looking to bring about a bigger transformation for your clients, the Spiritual Hypnosis Training will provide you with the necessary tools to do so.

What you'll learn

& how this training will help your clients

All techniques inside this training serve to empower our clients, so they can find what works for them rather than offering a cookie cutter solution. In this training, we encourage our clients to always follow their SOUL’S DESIRES, so they can lead from alignment and integrity

Past Life Regression

This technique helps erase phobias, understand toxic or complicated relationships, gain a better understanding of oneself, and ultimately lead clients towards greater self-confidence, self-love, self-worth, and self-trust.

Cord Cutting

This technique helps end toxic relationships or any other negative bonds, and enables clients to open themselves up to healthier and more loving relationships.


This technique involves communicating with deceased loved ones, The Ascended Masters, angels, unborn babies, and other entities. It helps clients find answers and clarity and can assist with grief, ultimately leading to a feeling of inner peace and love.

Soul Space Work

This technique helps clients understand their mission on earth, why they chose their parents and vice versa, why negative things happened in their lives, get to know their past lives and provides clarity on what their next steps should be. It can help manifest what they truly want and lead to greater self-confidence, self-love, and self-understanding.


This technique helps clients gain clarity on their next steps, improve their confidence, and become mentally strong and self-sufficient.


Various embodiment techniques help clients shift onto future timelines, so they can become the best version of themselves and attract their desires. They bring clarity and certainty for our clients, so they know which path they want to choose and the action steps that come with it.

How is the program facilitated?

  • The training program lasts for 3 months and provides you with an overflowing library of resources, which you can access anytime. 
  • We recommend that you go through at least one training video per week
  • Once you’re enrolled in the program, you have access to a global, loving community who can offer guidance and support. You'll have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together. 
  • Once a month, we'll meet on Zoom where you can ask questions and personalize your experience to suit your needs. We stretch you to reach your highest level of energy and help you overcome any challenges you may face.
  • As Jenny deepens her practice, she updates you with masterclasses on processes, keeps the training up-to-date and invites guest experts
  • At the end of the program, you are required to submit a video, on which Jenny will provide feedback to help you advance your skillset even further.

This is perfect for service providers who want to offer a holistic approach to their business, providing deeper transformation for their clients. With the techniques you will learn in this training, you will be able to Support your clients emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

This is such a beautiful container of pure love and abundance [...] Your presence and your course is a gift and I'm so grateful for what's unfolding.”

~ Linda Sulvita, Vessel of Love

How will spiritual hypnosis training serve your business?

This training will

  • Take your clients through rapid transformation by plugging into and resolving the root of the issue much faster than therapy

  • Enhance feedback from clients, so you can receive insane testimonials 

  • Allow you to stand in your authority figure as a service provider with a better skillset 

  • Make you feel more confident in your gifts as a service provider

  • Create bigger transformation for clients

  • Add to your profit margin as you are seen as a master of your craft

My goal throughout this program is to help you become a confident business owner by equipping you with all the necessary tools to hold and nurture your clients effectively. By doing so, you will create a ripple effect of bigger transformation for everyone who experiences spiritual hypnosis.

Client love

What others say

"I had never done hypnosis before I started the SHT [Spiritual Hypnosis Training] however, I was intrigued as I remember it helped my father quit smoking for several years when I was a kid. I knew he was severely addicted and wondered how hypnosis worked.

There’s a strong desire in me to help people.  On the journey of healing myself I have learned that once our deep wounds are healed our capabilities are infinite.  Part of my life’s purpose is to help others in this discovery.  I believe hypnosis is a very valuable tool for self healing.

SHT was everything I needed to begin learning and experiencing the powerful impact hypnosis can have in our lives.  Jenny gave us so much information and practice and is always very present and helpful now that I am out in the world as a new practitioner.  

I feel confident in doing this work after taking the 12 week course.  Jenny is amazing at supporting you and finding people to practice on.  

If you are at all on the fence but feel called to this don’t hesitate at all.  SHT will give you the tools and confidence you will need to step into this work.  Even if you decide this is not a career path for you, you will learn so much about yourself through the program that will help you no matter what direction you go."

Deanna Clark Doula & Hypnotherapist

"This work has totally changed my coaching practice. I am so grateful for this tool. It's creating huge shifts for my clients."

Morgan, a Soul Coach and Guide, signed up for my Spiritual Hypnosis Training because she wanted to come home to herself and deepen her trust and her intuition. Now she helps others do the same.

Morgan Schneidler-Ruff - Founder of Morgan Ruff Uplift & Retreat Facilitator

Diane is a Conscious Parenting and Relationships Coach who wanted to add a modality to her toolkit to help her clients and herself “release limiting beliefs and blocks, inner child work & healing, gain confidence, understand [her] soul's purpose/desires. [To] to learn how to help [her] clients do the same.” Now she feels “confident and deeply connected" when practicing hypnotherapy.

Diane Sorenson - Conscious Parenting & Relationship Coach

"As someone who has partiipated in this training I highly recommend it to anyone who's curious - I love hypnotherapy AND love the work I'm doing now with clients."

Ashlee, Leadership Coach, Engagement and Appreciation Expert, joined the Spiritual Hypnosis Training because she wanted to learn how to help herself and others see what's possible with breathwork and hypnosis. Now she helps leaders "uncover their blocks to achieve their most desired goals" while feeling "confident and present" when practicing hypnotherapy.

Ashlee Livingstone - Leadership Coach

Jonathan Sekerak, a breathwork facilitator joined the Spiritual Hypnosis Training to find out "how to loosen and free [his] coachees from self limiting beliefs." Today, he helps his clients move through blockages, and reframe their woundings to inhabit a new, larger story to live into the world.

Jonathan Sekerak - Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

Meet your instructor
Jennifer Schlueter

Jennifer Schlueter, CHt.

After her first hypnosis session in 2015, Jenny quit her job as Managing Editor of 22 newspapers to travel the world while working from anywhere. 

Hypnosis played a key role in fixing the relationship with her mother, manifesting her dream partner, starting her own business, and so much more. Because she first handedly experienced the magic of hypnosis, Jenny decided to become certified. 

Ever since, Jenny has been working with individuals and groups and has helped her clients quit antidepressants, get in touch with their children again, get pregnant, double their profits within 30 days, manifest their dream home and career, and more.

As her clients kept asking her to teach, she received a download for this Spiritual Hypnosis Training after a breathwork session.

She is currently in the process of becoming trauma informed and enrolled to receive Masters and PhD in Spiritual Healing.

When she’s not hypnotizing, you can find Jenny on the dance floor swinging her hips to Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, enjoying vegetarian food, traveling around the world, going on safaris, and convincing her friends to join her. 

She values love, integrity, art, and humor. 

This training is for you if you are...

an established coach | a newbie coach | a wellness practitioner

A wellness practitioner

You are a wellness practitioner. You’re helping your clients with weight loss, hormones, nutrition, birth, or other physical conditions. You have clients that follow your protocols, meal plans, and workouts, but they are still not seeing results. If they’re medically clear, the root cause of their stuckness lies in their mind. 

Here are some examples:

Your client Sasha isn’t losing weight despite following your weight loss and hormone advice because she was bullied in elementary school and her mind has equaled her weight to a protective wall that protects her from more harm.

Your client Lena isn’t getting pregnant despite following your hormone and nutrition protocols because she had a miscarriage and now her mind does not feel safe carrying another child and fears another miscarriage. 

Imagine the feeling of them messaging you,

“It’s finally working - I’m losing all this stubborn weight I’ve tried to lose for years. I feel so much stronger and healthier. No other coach has been able to do this for me but you!”

“I’m 22 weeks pregnant and my body feels safe carrying this miracle baby! All because of our work together.”

They received these results because you worked not only with their body, but also with their mind.

By getting your clients to this place, you will be able to 

  • Increase your income 

  • Work with more people while facilitating group hypnosis sessions = more impact & income

  • Increase your confidence because now you can support your clients holistically 

  • Become a leading authority in your industry 

In the Spiritual Hypnosis Training, this is exactly what you will learn.

An established coach or mental wellness practitioner

Get ready to uplevel your coaching business! 

You’ve been in the coaching industry for a while now - as a coach or therapist. 

You’re looking to increase your income and help more people as well as enhance your skills, so you can be seen as an authority, the coach amongst all coaches that stands out. You’re wanting to give your clients bigger and faster transformations. 

Then the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can 

  • Increase your income

  • Work with more people, skyrocketing your impact

  • Help your clients get to a point beyond of what you were able to until now

  • receive sessions and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in the process of this course as others will practice on you

  • sharpen your skills to give your clients deeper, faster, and more effective transformations. 

This will uplevel your coaching business! Join the Spiritual Hypnosis Training now. 

A newbie coach

You know you want to help people, perhaps you’re a newbie coach or you’re just about to start coaching.


However, you’re not confident enough yet to give potential clients the results they’re looking for because you think you don’t have enough experience or developed skills.


You’re looking to practice with people, gain confidence in your abilities, and make an income by doing something that you love.


Then the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can

  • Practice with others and gain confidence in your skills

  • Receive testimonials you can use to promote your business

  • Generate an income while in the course or shortly after 

  • create a life of time and location freedom, work whenever, for however long, and wherever you want (yes, hypnosis can be done online!)

  • receive sessions and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in the process of this course as others will practice on you

  • hone in on your intuition, channeling skills, connection to Source and other beings

  • feel even more fulfilled with what you do

  • inspire others to do the same

A metaphysical practitioner

You are someone who connects to the other side for your clients (for example, a tarot reader, astrologer, psychic, medium, crystal expert, spiritual coach, past life reader, etc.). 

Your clients ask you to establish the connection to their deceased loved ones, stars, to their guides, to their spirit animals, Source, or whomever in the other realms. 

The time has come where you want them to experience the magic of these realms for themselves because you know that we are all gifted and capable.

Then the Spiritual Hypnosis Training is for you because you can 

  • Support your clients on an even deeper level 

  • Create more impact and income

  • Work with more people, skyrocketing your impact

  • Help your clients get to a point beyond of what you were able to until now

  • receive sessions and solutions for any challenges you’re facing in the process of this course as others will practice on you

  • sharpen your skills. 

Here's all the awesomeness you're getting in detail


  • 12 video trainings (more detailed explanation below) 

  • An extensive workbook including word for word scripts that I use with my clients

  • Monthly live Q&A calls on which you can ask me anything, practice with other students, and receive additional training

  • Access to all past group calls on which you can watch others doing hypnosis (20+ already)

  • Videos and podcasts with original hypnosis sessions I've conducted

  • Additional resources in form of book recommendations, apps, articles, podcasts, and videos on hypnosis and the subconscious mind


  • Expert guest bonus videos to supplement your hypnosis skills such as shadow work, hypnosis and medicine, forensic hypnosis, hypnobirthing, angel workshop, etc. 

  • New guest experts that complement your hypnosis practice

  • A Facebook community with incredible humans who you’re going to hypnotize and be hypnotized by, so you can learn from each other


  • The intake questions I ask every new client of mine before we start hypnosis sessions together

  • Access to some of my hypnosis recordings usually reserved for my clients

  • After you have completed your training, you can join a group of spiritual hypnosis practitioners and clients who you can practice on.

  • A BONUS video training on how to sell your value, not your time, so you can start a hypnosis business right away - by author, podcaster, TEDex speaker, and Coach Heather Chauvin

Pricing Plan



x 3 months

payment plan 1

Instant access to the Spiritual Hypnosis Training.



x 5 months

payment plan 2

Instant access to the Spiritual Hypnosis Training.

Here's every module and what we will cover

  • Hypnosis
    What is it, why is it so effective, what can you solve with it, how does it work, self hypnosis, etc.
  • Preparing for a session
    Intentions, protection for yourself, client intake questions, pre-tests, imagery, etc.
  • Hypnotic language
    Intentions, protection for yourself, client intake questions, pre-tests, imagery, etc.
  • Problems that can occur and how to handle them
    What I wish someone had told me before I started practicing hypnosis.
  • Induction & End

    Bring clients into the present moment, relax body & mind, strengthen confidence in their ability to visualize, receive messages, protection for client, etc. and how to bring clients out of hypnosis and take care of them after.

  • Anchors & enforcing new habits

    When are they used, how to set them.

  • Intuition

    What is it, how to connect with it, how to differentiate between fear and intuition, heart center.

  • Releasing negative beliefs or energy

    Timeline technique, how you can release physically, emotionally, energetically, cutting cords, etc.

  • Magic & the light of love, peace & wisdom

    Working with someone’s magic or light, when and how to use it, spirit animals

  • Find the root cause of a problem and resolve it

    When this is needed, how this is done, inner child work.

  • Past life regression

    Protection, when to do it, how to do it, resources.

  • Channeling

    Communicate with angels, aliens, ancestors, loved ones in heaven, future / Higher Self.

Why you should sign up now

You want to bring deeper transformations to your clients and increase your impact and income.

Imagine guiding your clients to double their profit after 30 days, helping them get pregnant, or finding love with their dream partner. 

You can do this individually or facilitate group hypnosis sessions. 

The world needs your work and your magic. Step up your skillset with this course and make money while doing something that lights up your soul. 

Frequently asked questions

Will I be certified as a hypnotherapist after this course?

No, but within the training, I give you several additional hypnosis training resources, which will help you get certified, starting at around $12. Also, in most countries, you don’t need to be certified to practice hypnosis.

Will I be able to hypnotize people - aka - can everyone train to be a hypnotherapist?

Absolutely :) This training is completely beginner friendly. No matter how experienced you are with hypnosis, you will receive tons of value in this training. You will also practice with your peers as well as friends and family. And you will know how to approach skeptical people as well as find out what to do in case a client does not experience something you tell them to while under hypnosis. Hypnotizing is simply talking people into relaxation.

How will I get enough practice?

You will be able to practice with your fellow students as well as friends and family. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will feel hypnotizing people. We start with simply bringing people into a relaxed state of mind and then work our way up.

How soon will I be able to offer paid sessions to people?

As soon as you feel ready! The more you practice, the sooner you will feel ready. Our students are charging US$100 or more per session at the very beginning. That means with only 7-11 sessions, you’ll get your investment back.

Do you offer scholarships?

Absolutely. We offer scholarships to people with financial hardship, people in countries where the dollar isn't as strong, as well as to single parents. You will have to send me an email to [email protected], stating and proving financial hardship as well as why you want this scholarship.

Do you offer 1:1 support?

Yes, I do. When you purchase the course, you will be given the option to upgrade to 1:1 support (3 private sessions with me). If you’re looking for long term 1:1 support, email me at [email protected] or send me a message on Instagram.

Pricing Plan



x 3 months

payment plan 1

Instant access to the Spiritual Hypnosis Training.



x 5 months

payment plan 2

Instant access to the Spiritual Hypnosis Training.

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