Join this powerful subconscious reprogramming Masterclass replay which has led my client to double her profit within 30 days, another one to land a 10K, three 1:1 clients, and unexpected money, and other clients to increase their number of clients and referrals significantly. 

I had a hypnosis session with Jenny focused on my money mindset. So much resistance just disappeared. I feel empowered and way more connected to my own creative flow ... and within one month, I doubled my profits!"

Sonja Buijs Love & Relationship Coach

Why this Masterclass?

As a certified hypnotherapist with yearlong experience, I have developed this method and tried and tested it.

My clients have doubled their profit within 30 days, received loads of new contracts and referrals, and opened their minds to receiving money from expected and unexpected sources from just this single session. Here's what they have to say:

Sonja: "Within 1 month, I doubled my profits."

Sabrina: "...additional earning of EUR 1000... The next 10K job knocked on my door... I just attracted a new 1:1 coaching client. It's my third one in total (and all since the hypnosis) and they're truly dream clients." [see complete testimonial below].

Laura: "I've received so many new orders!"

Erika: "I even found money and it's flowing way better."

Patty: "New clients are coming and I got clarity to create a new offer and charge a comfortable price for it which I did not have the courage to charge before."

This is for you if...

... you are a spiritual leader, founder, or visionary

... serve your soulmate clients with your heart and soul

... because you want to make an impact on humans and in this world.

This is NOT for you if...

... you're just in it for an easy get-rich-quick fix scheme.

... you're convinced you're unable to meditate / can not relax.

... you don't believe money is energy.

... you don't believe in past lives.

Can I watch this Masterclass again?

Absolutely. You'll have lifetime access to the Masterclass!

What's the investment?

You'll receive this Masterclass for only $97.

Why work with Jenny?

My wish for you is to be the most empowered and confident version of yourself, so you can live a life of freedom and bliss, do what you love and make bank from it.

I help you heal decades of trauma, so you can connect to your intuition like you've never done before and excute on your seemingly out-of-reach goals and ideas, and skyrocket your psychic gifts, so you can foresee events, channel interdimensional beings.

I'm all about you creating mental wealth - joy, happiness, and an unwavering trust that you'll get through all your lows no matter what. 

Certified in NLP, EFT, and hypnosis, I have also studied past life regression as well as the soul space and I am a breathwork facilitator. 

I have traveled to more than 50 countries and led international workshops. 

My clients past successes include channeling their guides, angels, and loved ones with ease, doubling their income within 30 days after one session, releasing 50+ year old emotional trauma after one session, getting off antidepressants after 3 sessions, quitting smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day after one session, and finding their purpose, among others.

Can't wait to meet and create magic with you!

Connect with me on Instagram @jenniferschlueter_

Are you ready to make it rain? 

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