Get to Know Your Spiritual Team


Why would you even want to talk to your spiritual team? 

Because we’re funny and you’d have a blast 😜

But all jokes aside, we can help you rediscover your inner wisdom of why you came to this planet and what you’re meant to do here. If you’re feeling lost, depressed or anxious, especially during times like these, we will help you see things from a bigger perspective.

 We can remind you that your reminiscing of the past or your worrying about the future is unnecessary. 

We can remind you that all you need is already within you. You don’t need anything or anyone else. You are the Creator of your reality.

We can guide you towards your next steps. 

We invite you to connect with us. We are funny. We are know-it-alls (literally, but not in a bad way 😉 ). 

We may be snarky. We may laugh at you. We may talk in riddles.

But we want you to learn and to live to your fullest potential. 

We want you to leap out of your comfort zone, not only so your soul can clear karma, but also so you can shine how you’re meant to shine and live your best life.

We want you to learn about us, so you know that you’re not alone. 

But ultimately, we want you to learn how to connect to us without anybody else’s help.

And then we want you to learn how to connect to your own divinity.

Because you yourself are all you need to live a life of love, inner peace, and fulfillment. 

You just need to come to believe that you are already whole, but we’ll get you there 💖

And who are we? We are your loved ones in heaven, your spirit guides and angels, your soul family, and The Masters.

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I have never connected with my spirit team, but I believe they exist. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. As long as you believe they’re here for you, they will show up. Also, I created this course in a way that you’re getting practice with the relaxation that is needed for connecting with the spirit realm. We’re easing you into it! As long as you’ll follow my voice on the recording, you’ll be fine!

I wasn’t born with any spiritual gifts, is this for me?

All of us were born with gifts, but most of us have forgotten because we choose to get caught up in a society that doesn’t take the time out of their day to relax, stand still, and connect with what’s really inside of us. 

We live in the future or the past, but we forget about the Now and that’s why we’re anxious and / or depressed. We rather listen to politicians, teachers, and other leaders we deem more intelligent than us. We let others separate and categorize us. 

Most of us forgot that all of us come from the same place – from a place of love. From a place of unity. Most of us forgot about our gifts or how to access them. 

But by taking this course, you will not only rediscover your spiritual gifts, you will learn how to use them for the greater good of humanity. 

Isn’t the spiritual world scary?

The job of your spirit team is to advance your soul; and thus everything they show you is for your ascension. It’s for making you better. It’s for helping you understand and integrate your newly-learned lessons. You will never be able to see, hear, or feel anything that you’re not ready for.

Humans are afraid of everything they don’t know. Fear is our brain’s normal reaction. We are scared of the unknown (think about it: you were probably afraid to drive for the first time or when you were in school for the first time or in a new environment, house, or city). 

But as soon as we remember that all of us come from the same Source as the spirits we’re about to meet, there is nothing scary about any spirit anymore. We all come from love. We all come from the same Source.

Also, anything negative is just the human connotation of negative, rather than the truth.

Do I need any previous knowledge for this course?

Nope, absolutely not. I will explain everything in detail. I’ve been told I’m a great gateway into the spiritual realm and that people feel safe with me and like they fully trust me, so you’re all good to go 🙂


The material in the course has helped my clients overcome 9+ years of depression and suicidal thoughts, find their soul’s purpose, start their passion businesses, manifest more money, find themselves, and become more confident as well as sure in their next steps, etc.

This is the course I wish I had to find out why I’m here, what my purpose and gifts are, and to get a deeper, simpler understanding of life and myself, which allows me to lead others to live their best life.

This is the course I wish I had to that would let me talk to my spiritual team rather than going to a tarot or Akashic reader or another person.

This is the course I wish I had to strengthen my intuition and to lead with love rather than fear.



Live your best life.

Become happier, stronger, more confident and fulfilled, and wiser.

Get to know yourself on the deepest level. 

Know why you came here and who you really are.

Discover your soul’s purpose, find out why your soul chose your body and what you and your parents are meant to teach each other.

Know what your gift is, and how to use it best to improve the life of others around you.

See what your future has in store for you and what you need to make your future reality.

Integrate what you’ve been repressing, avoiding, and hiding in order to become your best self.

Learn lessons from your spirit guides, and angels, The Ascended Masters, and deceased loved ones.

Understand life and our Universe on a deeper level.



“Growing up, I always felt called to the concept and knowledge of the soul; of the world outside of us and the possibilities it held. When I began working with Jennifer Schlueter, she took me by the subconscious hand and we did a swan dive into what I was most afraid of: the unknown. 

Jenny led me first through my past lives. There, we found the original roots of so many things that were holding me back from happiness and my personal success. Next, she introduced me to my soul. It was absolutely awe-striking to hear directly from my highest self. Together we then climbed the stairs to meet the Ascended Masters. If nothing else had yet changed my life- this did. Everything I had felt called to was real. There was no more denying the spiritual part of myself. There was beings out here ready to guide us all to the greatest goals we could ever dream! I would never have reached them without Jenny’s gentle voice, her “can do!” attitude, and her boundless love. 

Jennifer Schlueter took me from being a very closed off and afraid person whom desired more to a strong Energy Healer and channeler who’s life mission is to protect the Earth and the silent souls on it. Thank you, Jenny!!”


“Working with Jenny lead me to such an amazing spiritual awakening journey.

She helped me find and connect with my spirit guides and now I speak to them when I feel lost, down and when I need advice. My guides are always listening.

I’ve been able to ask them some really deep questions and they have all the answers I need to hear. They are there to guide & support me. I was very skeptical & afraid about it in the beginning but I thought I had nothing to lose so why not. I’m so glad I did it because it’s been so incredible.”


“I have a deeper connection to my spiritual guides and my angels. I feel more confident in calling upon them in my day to day life. I also feel more confidence and belief in the messages I receive from my spiritual guides. Participating in the program […] has brought clarity about my past life and the past life traumas and regressions that I brought into this life. Gaining this knowledge and clarity has helped me to transform my thinking and release some of the things, thoughts, and behaviors of my past that no longer serve me!

My relationship with money is beginning to change. I manifested money during the past 3 months! Overall I feel more powerful in that I can change my thoughts, replace my limiting beliefs and change my life. After completing the past 3 months, I now feel confident to set intentions and call in good and positive things into my life. I feel now that I have a reason to celebrate life!” 


“I have experienced several of Jennifer’s hypnoses – self-love, self-worth, letting go and confidence as your best self. All were phenomenal – beautifully soothing yet powerful. She speaks to your soul and I would highly recommend this lady of integrity.”


“I knew I needed a lot of work on my mindset. I’ve been working on it for a few years and […] with Jenny I’ve made some huge breakthroughs. I was able to identify what I really wanted to do in my life and what makes me happy. I’m now more open to showing the world who I really am. For that, I’m forever grateful!”


“She was very professional and I was amazed what she helped me to find ‘at the bottom of my soul.’ The quality of her work is comparable with the ‘older person’. Older does not automatically mean more experienced in this area of work.
Do not let prejudices to stop you. I am very glad that I did not.

And the consequence of our work?

I feel AMAZING!”


Starting June 22, every week, you will receive 

🎧 1 recording with a guided meditation, 

🗒️ 1 journaling prompt, and 

👉 1 action item.

Week 1: In this recording, you will let go of everything that is no longer serving you, especially the sh*t that you need to let go of to get the most out of this course.

Week 2: You will meet your shadow self in week 2. This is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of; this is just the personality traits you have suppressed during childhood and are thus still suppressing. In this recording, you will learn how to love and embrace this part of you and accept your humanness and ego.

Week 3: In the second week, you will receive a recording that will let you meet your future self, so you can see how bright your future is looking. You will see your future self and you’ll be able to ask it some questions, i.e. about what you need to let go and some advice you currently need to hear.

Week 4: In this week, we’re going to dive into a past life that you need to see, so you can take away the most important lesson that you need in this moment. After seeing this past life, we will take you to the soul space, so your soul can remind you about the lessons you’ve learned in this past life, which you don’t have to repeat in your current life. You will also discover your soul’s purpose and know why you’ve chosen this body as well as your parents.

Week 5: The recording of week 4 will have you connect with a loved one in heaven. You can choose a particular person, but you should be aware that sometimes, another person with a more important message for you on this day will come through. This can bring clarity to yourself or sometimes you are chosen to deliver the message to someone who needs it more than you.

Week 6: Now we’re diving deeper into the spirit world and you’ll be connecting with your spirit guides and your angels via the recording. You may be able to assign a face, or a color, or shape to them as well as a name. They will show you how you can connect with them should you need them in the future and let you know about the signs they’re giving you. You can also ask them a question of your choice.

Week 7: This week, we will connect with the most advanced souls, The Ascending Masters. Just like your spirit guides, they may show themselves in any shape or form, so you can connect with them more easily. Others you may just hear. You will be asking them “the big question” such as, how do I become a Master? Where do we come from? Where do we go from here? Why do we humans exist, etc.

Week 8: Even though it’s great to be able to know your spiritual team, connecting to source itself, to the divine within you, to your Higher Self, or however you want to call it, is all that you need at the end of the day. Since you now know how to connect with everyone else, it’s time for you to connect with the one and only Source you’ll ever need: Source itself. The lightest light of love, peace, and wisdom.

PLUS: You will have a Facebook group with like-minded individuals and a weekly live Q & A to assist you through the material.


💕 Guided meditations / hypnosis on starting your morning right, becoming a money magnet, relaxation, and All We Have Is Now

💕 Access to my Uplevel Your Life & Biz challenge & my Happiness Challenge

💕 List of books regarding course material

The V.I.P. option includes

all the above PLUS

🎧 a 1 hour individual hypnosis session with me where we can work on smashing additional limiting beliefs and breaking past patterns, working through a past life, cutting cords or releasing ancestral trauma


Join us now – we start June 22! There are only 22 spots available in total!

 Payment plans are available: $111 for 5 months. V.I.P. $229 for 3 months (contact me for V.I.P. payment plan).














Maybe this is not for you, if you want to stay where you’re at. Not knowing why you’re here and what purpose you serve. Maybe this is not for you if you’re afraid of stepping into your true self.

If you want to change anything in this world, you need to start by changing yourself.

If you want to understand what’s going on in the world, you need to start by understanding yourself.

If you want to help others grow, you need to grow yourself first.

If you keep doing the things you’re used to doing, you will

🤦 Stay where you are

🤦 Deprive people of your gifts

🤦Not serve yourself, and thus not serve anyone else.

If you keep not investing in yourself, why should others invest in you?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Imagine how much better you will understand why you’re here, what you’re meant to do, and how you’re meant to lead.

Imagine how much better you will feel knowing that you’re never alone and you have infinite universal wisdom inside of you and you can access universal downloads whenever you need them.

Imagine loving and accepting yourself like you never have before and being able to shine your light on others, inspire them, and thus, have a ripple effect transforming countless lives.


✨ improve your life on all levels: relationship, money, health

✨ step into your fullest potential

✨ lead yourself, so you can lead others

✨ to connect to your innate divinity

✨ invest an hour of your time per week

This course is NOT for you if you are

⚔️ not ready to understand yourself and the world on a deeper level

⚔️ not ready to commit an hour per week to work on yourself

⚔️ not ready to invest into your growth

⚔️ not coachable

⚔️ believing that we’re on this earth for no reason.


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jenny and I hypnotize people find themselves and heal from their past, so they can shine and thrive.

For over two years now, I’ve helped clients quit antidepressants, eliminate suicidal thoughts, alleviate depression and anxiety, quit smoking, so they can have a happier and more fulfilled life, knowing where they want to go next.

After diving deeper into past life regression and the soul space, the Masters, spirit guides, and mediumship, I realized that these techniques help clients the most because they look at the bigger picture. 

Spiritual lessons and connecting to the spirit world translates into getting less upset about the little things in my clients’ daily lives, knowing why they came here relieves them from just floating around with no purpose.

I know how it feels to seemingly have everything – job, apartment, car, friends, but still not feeling fulfilled. Feeling like something’s missing. That’s why in 2016, my friend recommended me to go to her hypnotherapist.

My first hypnosis session was so powerful to me that I quit my job as the Managing Editor of 22 newspapers so I could travel the world while working online. Hypnosis has also helped me have a much better relationship to my mother, changed my money mindset to wealth instead of poverty, and realize why I used to date f*ck boys.

Since becoming certified, my clients had the following breakthroughs: they started to believe in themselves and love their lives, get of anti-depressants, eliminated their suicidal thoughts after 9 years of depression, doubled their profits within one month after a single session, quit smoking after a single session, show up confidently on videos and with high achievers, and more.

I truly believe that working with your subconscious mind through hypnosis is one of the keys to achieving your dreams.



There are only 22 spots available in total!