Find answers. Receive healing for yourself and your family. Get clarity. Ask for signs. Know that they're well. 

How does this work?

After you made the payment, you will be directed to choose a date and time on my calendar for our 1.5 hour session.

At the beginning of our session, I will ask you a few questions to find out what you want from this session. 

You let me know about some questions you may have or some questions you may want to ask your loved one(s) in heaven.

We will set our intentions.

Then we will proceed with the session.

What do I need to prepare for our session? 

15-30 minutes prior to our session, you can choose to do something you love to prepare your mind for relaxation. This can be listening to music, dancing, drawing, walking, etc. Something fun that lets you forget about all time and space.

For the duration of this session, you will need to be in a safe, comfortable, and quiet space by yourself with no disturbances.

Come with an intention (to connect, to heal, to know find out how they're doing, etc. It can also be all 3.).

What will happen during a session? 

I will guide you to relax your body and mind and get into a protected state from which you can connect to your loved ones in heaven.

When you start seeing, hearing, and feeling them, you will be able to speak to them. I can assist you in asking questions for you and guiding you along our intentions.

The entire session will be recorded for you to listen back as many times as you want.

How are you, Jenny, different from a medium?

During our session, I will be the one simply GUIDING YOU to meet your loved one(s). 

That means YOU will connect with them, not me. They will come to you and speak through you.

Oftentimes, you will speak what they're saying to you out loud in their accent / dialect / way of speaking. It's very fascinating and a way of knowing that they connected with you.

You may hear, see, or feel your love(d) ones - sometimes all three.

Why do I do it this way - why am I guiding you? So you will have no doubt that they have connected with you.

How can I be sure it's them?

There will be no doubt. You will know with 100% that they were there. It may feel surreal after our session, but you will know with certainty.

I will provide you with a recording of your session, so you can listen back to what happened. Sometimes, their energy is so strong, that you may not remember all of the session, but thanks to the recording, you have everything.

When my clients have their family listen to the recording, even they can recognize that it was your loved one coming through. That's how powerful this work is.

Is this safe?

Absolutely - Scroll down and see what this work has done for my clients (nothing but great things)!

Also, I make sure to protect you, your loved ones, and myself from anything not serving us for our session. Only love and light are intended and allowed in.

Is it normal to be afraid? Yes, but that's why you're not doing this alone :) I'm an experienced guide and will help you through everything. None of my clients have regretted their sessions with me yet!


Limited time offer:



One 1.5 hour session plus recording

  • Connect to your loved one(s) in heaven 
  • heal yourself, your family, and their loved ones
  • receive answers
  • ask for signs
  • hear from them how they're doing
  • expand your psychic gifts

What Others Say

S. Henderson

has been able to discover lost family members and family secrets. She even foresaw an astonishing event. "My chapter is getting better and better. So grateful for you! I love EVERYTHING you've done to help me. You have definitely helped me figure out my purpose."

Divya Vats

"I listen to the session every day and I will always send you my blessings for that. [...] Just felt connected with you from my heart."

"What I got is so much more than what I expected. She empowered me on so many levels just with her being - not only with hypnosis" - Irene

"...but she is shining her light so bright. It’s so motivating and inspiring to me. She has encouraged me and empowered me to see what has always been there. To listen to my intuition. To listen to my heart. To walk the path that is mine. To look within. I’m so happy and grateful to have her. Sometimes I wish I could just have her for 5 minutes a day."

"Working with Jenny was not a life-changing experience for me. It was life-saving and life-building." - Lexi

"Dear Jenny, I wanna thank you with all my heart for the hypnosis session in a moment when I needed it the most. [...] You have a natural talent to guide someone to the true essence of oneself and I felt really comfortable with you." - Mel


I empower you to listen to & connect with your loved one(s), so you can heal, find answers, and see how they're doing on the other side. 

I'll be your guide for something you could do yourself, but may be to afraid of. Having me guide you at first will make it easier for you to connect with them in the future at any time.

Certified in NLP, EFT, and hypnosis, I have also studied past life regression as well as the soul space and I am a breathwork facilitator. 

I have traveled to more than 50 countries and led international workshops. 

My clients past successes include skyrocketing their psychic gifts, doubling their income within 30 days after one session, releasing 50+ year old emotional trauma after one session, getting off antidepressants after 3 sessions, quitting smoking 1.5 packs of cigarettes per day after one session, and finding their purpose, among others.

Can't wait to meet and create magic with you!

Connect with me on Instagram @mindyoursubconscious

Are you ready to to meet your loved one(s)? 

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