jennifer schlueter

In 2015, I was unhappy with the direction my life was going in and my negative thoughts turned into more and more negative experiences. After a recommendation of a dear friend to try hypnosis, I woke up and had made the decision to quit my job as the Managing Editor for 22 newspapers, so I could travel the world while working online. 

In April 2016, I left my old life, friends, car, and apartment behind to become a virtual assistant and translator. During that time, I continued to work with hypnosis. It completely transformed my money mindset, helped me analyze dating patterns, repaired the relationship with my mom, and brought me breakthrough after breakthrough.

When I recognized how transformational hypnosis could be, I wanted to pass on this tool to others and became a certified hypnotist. A few months into my practice I have discovered past life regression and Life Between Lives. Thanks to these hypnosis techniques, I have developed an incredibly powerful way to let my clients connect to their soul, the essence of who they are. Some of my clients are also able to connect to The Masters (think you’re channeling Abraham Hicks). 

I truly love what I do. And not only that. It’s an honor to daily work with Source. You will feel it in yourself. The more soul connections you make, the happier, more confident and intuitive you will become. 

On the side, I film documentaries about Egypt’s first pole dance studio owner, Zanzibar’s first female tour guide, and South African township entrepreneurs. I love sharing other people’s stories to inspire, uplift, and motivate! Only if we work together can we all rise as a collective.


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client love

amy s.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jenny- she was kind, patient, and totally communicative in explaining what it was that she does and making sure I was comfortable. [...] 

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I'm a little ticked off... For years I had a limiting belief that held me back from stepping into my own voice and breaking out of my shell of shyness to build my business. 

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Jennifer is absolutely fantastic! 

I was struggling for a while with things holding me back from giving myself fully to my business, my visibility on social media, expressing my authentic self and really taking giving my self in to make my business idea a reality.

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Sarah C.

I didn’t have any experiences with hypnosis or past life regressions until Jenny did a session with me. Before the session, I felt a little lost, I had no clue what I should do next in my life and where and how to start. Which step would be the right one for me to take?

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