1:1 Sessions

The sessions above are the only 1:1 one-off sessions I'll offer.  

As for 1:1 soul mentorship, I'm currently offering 4, 6, and 12 months - two different packages.

  1. Heal your childhood trauma and remove blocks holding you back from manifesting your dream life.
  2. Soul mentorship for ambitious entrepreneurs and trailblazers wanting to access their genius, so they can lead confidently and effortlessly (your impact and income will grow, and you will feel more powerful and fulfilled).
  3. Explore the depths of your soul, so you can become your most authentic self and live a limitless life.

To inquire about these, DM me or email me via [email protected]

With all the healing you've helped me with you can really help others. I'm so serious.


Everything goes so much smoother, I doubled my profits within 30 days. [after 1 session]


Since this morning (after our session), I've confirmed a paid partnership for podcast with unlimited product delivery, 2 high level 1:1 clients who "know I'm their person who will get them to the next level", signed on a jumpstarter who is my ideal next level woman and created so much space for my summer. I feel aligned and alive. This feels easy.


You've literally caused a domino effect of people wanting to heal and heal others.


So much abundance here in your space!


About Jennifer Schlueter

A certified hypnotherapist, Jennifer Schlueter loves empowering people to live a life of limitlessness, expansion, happiness, and fulfillment because we didn't come to this earth to follow society's beliefs about what's possible. She works with individuals as well as groups, and organizations. Jennifer is also the founder and host of the Mind Your Subconscious Podcast.